Product: Management and Development
Product: Management and Development


Volume 9, Issue 1, 2011

9(1), 2011

Original Article
Maturity and performance conditions of IT projects Renato de Oliveira Moraes, Isak Kruglianskas Original Article
Analytic Hierarchy Process applied to the selection of knowledge management approach in technology-based companies Sandra Miranda Neves, Carlos Eduardo Sanches da Silva, Aneirson Francisco da Silva, Cristiana Rennó D’Oliveira, Bárbara Elizabeth Pereira Sotomonte Original Article
Eco-design methods for developing new products based on QFD: a literature analysis Fabio Neves Puglieri, Aldo Ometto, Paulo Augusto Cauchick Miguel Original Article
Typology for modular products Régis Kovacs Scalice Original Article
Scrum agile product development method - literature review, analysis and classification Bernardo Vasconcelos de Carvalho, Carlos Henrique Pereira Mello Original Article
Systems concurrent engineering for the conception of a hybrid vehicle Geilson Loureiro, Jonas Bianchini Fulindi, Letícia Azevedo de Oliveira Fideles, Daniella Fernandes, Rosely Semabukuro, Carlos de Oliveira Lino Original Article
A replicated two-level total factorial analysis: deformation in aluminum alloy skins caused by riveting processes Daniella Yada Negroni, Luís Gonzaga Trabasso Original Article
Contribution of an integrated laboratory on product design to local development: a case study at Montes Claros, Minas Gerais Eduardo Romeiro Filho, Marcus Gonçalves Caldeira, Frederico Mineiro Lopes, Alexander Thorsten Nitsche Original Article
Evaluation of maintenance performance in Metalworking Company: a case study and proposal of new indicators Teonas Bartz, Julio Cezar Mairesse Siluk Original Article


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