Product: Management and Development
Product: Management and Development
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A replicated two-level total factorial analysis: deformation in aluminum alloy skins caused by riveting processes

Daniella Yada Negroni, Luís Gonzaga Trabasso

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The objective of this work was to demonstrate the following: the deformation effect in aluminum alloy skins when a riveting process is applied; to determine which factors, such as hole diameter, depth of countersunk etc. affect the skin deformation, and the degree of this influence. In order to identify the candidate factors relating to the deformation effect, a survey was carried out with riveting process and material science specialists. The survey results were analyzed and detailed further. Then, an experimental approach was conducted based on the Taguchi Robust Design, which used the factors previously elected, as well as a set of samplings. Finally, a variance analysis, which was based on a multifactor variance method, was performed. Results showed the expansion of the panels after the riveting process, the identification of factors of influence on this expansion, and the suggestion of possible actions to reduce this deformation.


aircraft assembly, design of experiments, regression model fit.
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