Product: Management and Development
Product: Management and Development
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Typology for modular products

Régis Kovacs Scalice

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Typologies are noticeably important tools for the understanding of a particular subject, not only on account of its wide ranging scope, which enables assessing a subject from different aspects, but also because of its standardization, which allows future comparisons with other similar situations. Regarding modular products, the lack of classification was evidenced; hence, enabling to assess different scenarios in product modularization from a wide range of perspectives. In order to bypass this problem, a typology proposal was developed to classify modular products, including the analysis of such a product group from the perspective of six different but complementary factors: modularization objective, modular architecture, modularization strategy, sharing, degree of innovation, and complexity of the obtained system. An example of how to use this typology is presented.


typology, modular products, classification.
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