Product: Management and Development
Product: Management and Development
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Systems concurrent engineering for the conception of a hybrid vehicle

Geilson Loureiro, Jonas Bianchini Fulindi, Letícia Azevedo de Oliveira Fideles, Daniella Fernandes, Rosely Semabukuro, Carlos de Oliveira Lino

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This paper presents a systems concurrent engineering approach for the conception of a hybrid vehicle. Traditional approaches focus on the product development organization and product concepts of operation (CONOPS). In traditional approaches, the overall view of the inherent complexity in the development of a product, its life cycle processes and their performing organizations are not taken into consideration. The systems concurrent engineering performs, simultaneously, stakeholders’ analysis, requirements analysis, functional analysis and implementation architecture analysis, for the product, its life cycle processes and their performing organization. Analysis, requirements and attributes were captured for the product, and its life cycle processes organizations and the relationships between them were identified. It was concluded that the impact, traceability and hierarchy links promote the anticipation of life cycle process requirements to the early stages of systems architecting. Late changes are avoided and development costs are dramatically reduced, while stakeholders’ satisfaction over product life cycle is increased.


systems concurrent engineering, systems engineering, concurrent engineering, complex product, integrated product development.
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