Product: Management and Development
Product: Management and Development


Volume 1, Issue 1, 2003

1(1), 2003

Original Article

The role of market research during product development Luiz A. Castanheira Polignano, Fátima Brant Drumond Original Article
Systematization of product conceptual redesign for the environment Antônio Carlos Peixoto Bitencourt, André Ogliari, Fernando Antônio Forcellini Original Article
SISCOI - Software to aid establishment od design specification of injection molded components Cristiano Vasconcellos Ferreira, Fernando A. Forcellini, André Ogliari Original Article
Cost Planning for Functions and Components in engineering design – theory and application Haiko Schlink, Ronny Kein, Milton Wetzel Pereiraa Original Article
Explicit Knowledge Management on the Product Development Process Daniel Capaldo Amaral, Henrique Rozenfeld Original Article
Proposal and application of a model for analysis of knowledge management in the product development process Fernanda Menezes Ferrari, José Carlos de Toledo Original Article
Modeling the “AS-IS” product development process: lessons learned from a practical experience in the aerospace industry Claudiano Sales Araújo, Leonardo Bastos de Toledo, Luiz Alberto Gentil Mendes, Sérgio Grassetto Teixeira Cunha Original Article
Integrated product and tooling development via reverse engineering methodologies and rapid prototyping techniques José M. G. Carvalho Ferreira, Artur J. Santos Mateus, Nuno M. Fernandes Alves, Pedro M. C. Custódio Original Article


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