Product: Management and Development
Product: Management and Development
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Explicit Knowledge Management on the Product Development Process

Daniel Capaldo Amaral, Henrique Rozenfeld

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The knowledge management has received great attention from professionals and specialists who work with the product development process. The activities of this process have an essential creative character and, therefore, depend basically on the knowledge of the people who perform them. A significant part of this knowledge is stored in the form of explicit knowledge, that is, structured documents that contain experiences and information of the development of the product. To manage them adequately contributes to the knowledge management effort. In this work the form of recording of explicit knowledge is analyzed and an architecture proposed that supports the development of systems capable of managing them efficiently, that is, in ways to contribute to improvements in the business process. Three large stages were used: a bibliographical review of the subject; the proposal of architecture for the development of these types of systems; and the development of a tool to verify the viability of the architecture. In the end apart from the proposed architecture the importance of using a conceptual model for the specification and development of management systems for explicit knowledge is demonstrated.


Knowledge Management, Learning Organization, Knowledge Management Tools, Explicit Knowledge, Product Development Process.
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