Product: Management and Development
Product: Management and Development
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SISCOI - Software to aid establishment od design specification of injection molded components

Cristiano Vasconcellos Ferreira, Fernando A. Forcellini, André Ogliari

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In the development of injection molded components, using a group of procedures (processes) and design tools (means) the design team can obtained the product conception. This conception must be accorded to the customers’ needs and it contemplates the aspects, the recommendations, the impositions, the limitations, the related restrictions related to the design engineering, materials, injection molded process and costs. These information constitute the design specifications of injection molded component. To define the design specifications of injection molded components the design team must considered the dependence and the interdependence among the requirements, the rules, the strategies and the design recommendations involved in the development of this product. However, in the beginning of the design process, the level of abstraction of available information is high and, the methodologies just present superficial recommendations to define design specifications. The objective of this paper is to present a methodology to aid the process to definite the design specifications of injection molded components, to describe a software that it support this activity and its example of application in the development of a group of guides for bills. This paper was elaborated in the Department of Mechanical Engineering of Federal University of Santa Catarina


Design Specification, Injection Molded Components, QFD, TRIZ and Software
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