Product: Management and Development
Product: Management and Development


Volume 16, Issue 1, 2018

16(1), 2018

Original Article
Use of the Digital Factory for simulation and analysis of working methods in automotive manufacturing cell Samilla Thalitta Macedo da Silva, Guilherme Canuto da Silva, Paulo Carlos Kaminski
Web platform for casting process selection Juliana Ilha Zimmermann, Danielle Bond, Régis Kovacs Scalice
Conceptual development of the vertical axis wind turbine with movable blades George André Souza Santiago, Mario Orestes Aguirre González, Willmari Dayana Suarez Hernandez, Ramiro Gustavo Ramirez Camacho
Mass customization in food production: a perception about the theme and future directions Luiz Philipi Calegari, Diego Castro Fettermann
Development of a mechanism that minimize the wear of ultralights tires Alexandre Mateus Popiolek, Marcelo Hofmam da Silva, Pedro Correia Romio
Innovative contribution of subsidiaries to the parent company: a hypothesis about the relationship between an aerospace company and its subsidiary in Belo Horizonte Bárbara Rangel de Carvalho Braga de Mendonça, Karla Rocha Liboreiro, Luana Lott Alves, Celso Yukio Nakashima, Eduardo Romeiro Filho


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