Product: Management and Development
Product: Management and Development
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Development of a mechanism that minimize the wear of ultralights tires

Alexandre Mateus Popiolek, Marcelo Hofmam da Silva, Pedro Correia Romio

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The tire wear of the small aircraft landing gear is a critical factor in this technical system, with a direct impact on the maintenance costs of the landing gear, the maintenance of the landing track and the issues surrounding the fabrication of new tires. In this paper, the preliminary design of a mechanical device to be installed on the wheels of the landing gear is discussed, which aims to minimize tire wear, reduce the need to replace this item and improve the efficiency of the landing system. Through the application of a product development methodology (PRODIP Model), an equipment capable of overcoming the inertia of rotation and putting a wheel in motion before the tire contact with the landing track was designed. This new system uses an air mass movement system and does not require any other source of energy. The prototype has been developed already and it is in test stage, offering a general reduction of 89% in the tire consumption of the aircraft.


design methodology, ultralights, tire wear, product development.


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