Product: Management & Develop­ment
Product: Management & Develop­ment


Volume 12, Issue 2, 2014

12(2), 2014

Original Article
Extending the ideation process to the entire organization Vitor Pinheiro Cunha, Maicon Gouvêa de Oliveira, Henrique Rozenfeld
Product performance evaluation: A case study on thermal insulation in Northeastern Brazil Miguel Otávio Barreto Campelo de Melo, Sheyla Rodrigues de Resende, Luiz Bueno da Silva, Maria Silene Alexandre leite
Design thinking applied to the health sector: A case study in a Brazilian hospital Ana Luisa Cordeiro Santos, Anna Luisa Tavares Neto, Maria Theresa Tavares Neto, Eduardo Romeiro Filho
Assessing the use of Product-Service Systems as a strategy to foster sustainability in an emerging context Aguinaldo dos Santos, Claudio Pereira Sampaio, Jucelia Salete Giacomini da Silva, Jairo da Costa Junior


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