Product: Management and Development
Product: Management and Development
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Virtual analysis as a way of inclusion of the elderly in ergonomic testing

Mayara Ramos, Alexandre Amorim dos Reis

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The aging process causes biological, psychological, and social changes that affect the use of some products by the elderly population. The present study was carried out through a bibliographic review that aimed to demonstrate how the growth of the senior population, and the demographic changes, generated new concerns and design requirements for new products due to the consequences of aging. This scenario can somehow be met with the inclusion of this public in ergonomic testing. Virtual tests, with digital human modeling, are being more frequently used because they present reduced time and cost on the design project. The use of testing with this type of software can be an alternative to perform ergonomic tests with the elderly and others that do not fit the standard concept; HADRIAN is a virtual ergonomic testing tool that matches this solution. In conclusion, it is observed that the platforms of virtual ergonomic analysis are of low cost and good performance, and can improve the development of projects for this population.


population aging; ergonomic testing; digital human modeling.
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