Product: Management and Development
Product: Management and Development
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Product performance evaluation: A case study on thermal insulation in Northeastern Brazil

Miguel Otávio Barreto Campelo de Melo, Sheyla Rodrigues de Resende, Luiz Bueno da Silva, Maria Silene Alexandre leite

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A performance measurement system can be defined as a consistent set of measurements used to quantify the efficiency and efficacy of an organization. Financial and non-financial measurements must be balanced in order to monitor and evaluate the path modern companies must take to promote future performance, suppliers, employees, processes, technology, and innovation. The case study herein analyzed concerns thermal insulation developed from unconventional materials, each with specific properties. The application would occur in the semiarid areas of northeastern Brazil, where the average temperature ranges between 34° and 40°C. The product in question reduces heat transfer between indoor and outdoor areas, and creates a thermally comfortable environment. It also reduces the use of electricity for air-conditioning. This paper aims at finding and adapting a performance evaluation model to measure and analyze the performance of new products developed from some unconventional materials, therefore drawing a comparison with similar products already on the market. It is expected that this model generate and organize information that supports decision making.


product performance evaluation; insulating materials; energy efficient materials.
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