Product: Management and Development
Product: Management and Development


Volume 18, Issue 2, 2020

18(2), 2020

Original Article
Past, present, and future of Product Management and Development: a bibliometric study on the contribution and challenges of PMD journal Valter Henrique Ferreira de Morais, Douglas Miguel Vieira, Raoni Barros Bagno, Jonathan Simões Freitas Original Article
Proposal of an alternative concept of the manually adjustable hospital bed for user experience improvement Diego Santos Duarte, Ricardo Manfredi Naveiro Original Article
A systematic review of association rules in project management: opportunities for hybrid models Michael Jordan Bianchi, Daniel Capaldo Amaral Original Article
Development of a device for the reintegration of people with incomplete quadriplegia Ana Luisa Oliveira da Nóbrega Costa, Tiago Camargo Alves, Hugo Faria Frota, Abner Pereira Duarte Silva, Miguel Alves Pereira Júnior, Rafaela de Faria Dantas, Emerson Fachin Martins, Andrea Cristina dos Santos Original Article
User involvement in the electromedical device development process of small companies Carina Campese, Ana Paula Siqueira Silva de Almeida, Janaina Mascarenhas Original Article
Verifying exchange between Aeronautics and Oil&Gas industries through Lateral Thinking Francisco Tarcísio Guedes Lima Verde Neto, Luis Gonzaga Trabasso Original Article
A design methodology and development of a mobile telepresence robot for paraplegics Nasiru Adamu Marafa, Walter de Britto Vidal Filho, Carlos Humberto Llanos Original Article
Rapid prototyping and health: an ergonomic footrest to improve the venous return Juliana Fernandes Pereira, João Eduardo Guarnetti dos Santos, Matheus Bertanha Original Article


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