Product: Management and Development
Product: Management and Development
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Past, present, and future of Product Management and Development: a bibliometric study on the contribution and challenges of PMD journal

Valter Henrique Ferreira de Morais, Douglas Miguel Vieira, Raoni Barros Bagno, Jonathan Simões Freitas

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The present work aims at studying the trajectory of Instituto de Inovação e Gestão de Desenvolvimento do Produto – IGDP’s research related to the management of New Product Development (NPD) along the past 17 years of Product: Management & Development journal (PMD). The journal was chosen as an object of study to identify how the IGDP community developed over the years, the dynamics of its scientific production, and which subjects have been approached with greater intensity and frequency. Bibliometrics was used as a research method to quantify data of all 268 articles published in the 35 issues of the journal since the first one in 2003 till the last in 2019. Through this analysis, we debate the evolution of academic research registered in PMD, identify characteristics and backgrounds of authors, and unveil some challenges to overcome. The final intent is to inspire actions and strategic paths for the IGDP and PMD community.


management of new product development, bibliometrics, product: management & development journal


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