Product: Management and Development
Product: Management and Development


Volume 5, Issue 2, 2007

5(2), 2007

Original Article

The function structure as a tool for analysing an existingconcept of a centrifugal fertilizer spreader Vinícius Kaster Marini, Leonardo Nabaes Romano
Linking project management to an EAM through workflow Marisa Padovani, Monica Rottmann de Biazzi, Marly Monteiro de Carvalho
GDPro: a concurrent product development assessment tool Milton Borsato, Saulo Tiburtius
Linking outsourcing process and product developmentprocess: literature analysis Andréa Cristina dos Santos, Fernando Antonio Forcellini, Rafael Ernesto Kieckbusch
Using Axiomatic Design for minimizing QFD applicationdifficulties in NDP: research proposal and preliminary definitionof first and second hierarchical levels Paulo Augusto Cauchick Miguel, José Antonio Carnevalli, Felipe Araújo Calarge
A model of evaluation of design for disassembly Osmar Possamai, Luiz Veriano Oliveira Dalla Valentina
Product development process management practices and problems in companies of brazilian food industry José Carlos de Toledo, Dário Henrique Alliprandini, Luís Fernando Soares Zuin, Mirela Guedes Bosi


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