Product: Management and Development
Product: Management and Development
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Using Axiomatic Design for minimizing QFD applicationdifficulties in NDP: research proposal and preliminary definitionof first and second hierarchical levels

Paulo Augusto Cauchick Miguel, José Antonio Carnevalli, Felipe Araújo Calarge

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This paper describes a proposal of a systemic model for applying QFD, designed to reduce its application difficulties. This model is constructed based on Axiomatic Design (AD). The paper presents the steps of this on-going research project, namely: a literature analysis, a field research to collect empirical data, and the application of AD. The results from those steps made possible to establish a theoretical basis of this work. This basis enabled to initiate the application of AD to the development of the proposed systemic model for QFD application, which is described in the end. Preliminary results suggest that AD is able to set a QFD application model that might minimize its inherent difficulties and constrains when using the method.


axiomatic design, QFD application, QFD experienced difficulties.
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