Product: Management and Development
Product: Management and Development
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GDPro: a concurrent product development assessment tool

Milton Borsato, Saulo Tiburtius

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New product development (NPD) has a very close relationship with economic competitiveness in global businesses and, therefore, sustainability. The present work proposes an assessment tool to evaluate how companies address concurrent product development (CPD) internally as well as collaboratively with their clients, partners and suppliers. GDPro is a desktop java-implemented user-friendly tool that allows NPD metrics to be compiled and presented in such a way that trends may be revealed and eventual problems may be diagnosed in all five dimensions of CPD: people, process, tools, technology and strategy. As semi-structured questionnaires are submitted and figures extracted from previous product development efforts, GDPro builds tables, charts and diagrams that depict current NPD practices within a company and provides a CPD implementation roadmap based on best practices and metrics identified by industry sector.


new product development, concurrent product development, metrics, diagnosis.
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