Product: Management and Development
Product: Management and Development


Volume 2, Issue 1, 2004

2(1), 2004

Original Article

Formalisation of the Requirements Management Process in the Aerospace Industry Luis Gustavo Scrassolo Martini, José Luiz da Cruz, Luís Gonzaga Trabasso Original Article
Teaching product development based on the concept of integration scenarios: evaluation and guidelines for application Sanderson César Macêdo Barbalho, Daniel Capaldo Amaral, Henrique Rozenfeld Original Article
Ecodesign strategies and the product development process within northeast sme brazilian companies Gunther Josuá Costa, Reidson Pereira Gouvinhas Original Article
An axiomatic design software tool for decision making during the product conceptual design phase Valdeon Sozo, Fernando A. Forcellini, André Ogliari Original Article
Participation of suppliers in product development process: the case of the Fiat New Palio José Carlos de Toledo, Sergio Luis da Silva, Manoel Fernando Martins, Dário Henrique Alliprandini Original Article
A methodology for quality control and evaluation in compressor assembly line. Fabiano Alves Dencker, Arcanjo Lenzi, Acires Dias Original Article


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