Product: Management and Development
Product: Management and Development
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Formalisation of the Requirements Management Process in the Aerospace Industry

Luis Gustavo Scrassolo Martini, José Luiz da Cruz, Luís Gonzaga Trabasso

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This paper presents the Requirements Management Process developed for the aerospace industry. This process is extremely relevant to the Product Development Process and can be considered its “backbone”, due to the guidance it offers for the development of new products. The main activities of this process include market and customers' research, the understanding of the collected needs, its deployment into product requirements and posterior prioritisation. It is also imperative to monitor the requirements throughout the entire product development process, in order to guarantee that the final product fulfils the customer needs. The development of the requirements management process was initiated with a survey of best practices in the academic realm and at other companies. From this initial analysis, participative interviews with experts inside a case study company were performed to expand the understanding of internal requirements and processes. Once all this information was gathered, a customized process was shaped to the specific particularities of the aerospace industry and has been implemented in every new product development of the selected case study company. The most significant results obtained so far are the following:the existence of explicit documentation of customer requirements; the early definition of requirements’ ownership; a single database which avoids redundant information and increases its reliability and finally, the requirements traceability.


Requirements Management Process, Aerospace Industry, Product Development Process
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