Product: Management and Development
Product: Management and Development


Volume 3, Issue 1, 2005

3(1), 2005

Original Article

Cross-functional teams and concurrent engineering: contributions to the development of product design through multidisciplinary integration using CAD systems June Marques Fernandes, June Marques Fernandes, Ceres Ribeiro Vaz, Eduardo Romeiro Filho, André César de Figueiredo, Fernanda Vieira Marçal, Larissa Ayumi Araki, Marcus Juliano Soutto Mayor Vieira Nogueira
Food products development process and management in a cereal company: a case study Luiziane Albino Gonçalves Moreira, José Carlos de Toledo
Systematization of pre-design activities in the management of the building design process Fabiane Vieira Romano, Nelson Back, Roberto de Oliveira
Strategic innovation management in the furniture industry Juliane de Bassi Padilha, Carlos Cziulik
The implantation of QFD methodology in a small dairy company Gisele de Magalhães, José Benício Paes Chaves, Viviane Gomes Lelis
Academically supported social work for the development of handicraft skills – case study: the Pitangaporã Project Ana Luiza Cerqueira Freitas, Eduardo Romeiro Filho
Product development applied to collectors of recyclable materials: a case study in Florianópolis, Brazil Eduardo Concepción Batiz, Fernando Berger, Joana da Silva Gonçalves Bento
A view of knowledge management in the design department of a brazilian SME Company Paulo Eduardo de Carvalho Costa, Reidson Pereira Gouvinhas
Devising a cost management approach for product development Tiago Pascoal Filomena, Francisco José Kliemann Neto, Gilberto Dias da Cunha
Influence of virtual reality in the management of new product development Carlos Fernandes da Silva, Paulo Lourenção
Guidelines for a risk management methodology for product design Viviane Vasconcellos Ferreira, André Ogliari
Design-oriented manufacturing of injected plastic products Osiris Canciglieri Junior, Alfredo Iarozinsk Neto
Product development management in small technology-based firms: cases in the medical and hospital equipment sector Glauco Henrique de Sousa Mendes, José Carlos de Toledo
An empirical study of new product development in a small company: case study of a veterinary firm Paulo Augusto Cauchick Miguel, Felipe Araújo Calarge
Assessment of supplier involvement in the product development process (PDP) based on a reference model for the food industry Andréa Cristina dos Santos, Fernando Antonio Forcellini
Involvement of ingredients suppliers in new products development in the soft drinks industry Márcia Mitiko Onoyama, Maria Rita Pontes Assumpção, José Carlos de Toledo, Vivian Karina Bianchini, Bruno Pompeu Corrêa da Costa


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