Product: Management and Development
Product: Management and Development
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Evaluating project manager performance: a case study

Veridiana Rotondaro Pereira, Marly Monteiro de Carvalho

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A project performance is usually distinct as good or poor based only on the capacity of a project team to meet cost, time, and product quality-related criteria. However, a multi-dimensional set of performance measurement including other perspectives beyond that focused on these three dimensions have been developed. These perspectives have led to a redefining of what constitutes success project performance that encompasses individual, project and organizational measures. This paper aims to discuss the performance evaluation from the project manager personal competencies point of view as well as from the organizational perspective. The adopted methodological approach was case study, performed in a Brazilian business unit of a large multinational strategy and technology consulting company. The main conclusions of this qualitative study highlight that the performance measures are prioritized by the company and the individual, considering professional’s point of view. The study indicates that the performance measurement system interferes with both organizational guidelines and development of its professionals. In the basis of the indicators prioritized rank by the company and the individual, considering professional’s point of view,this paper concludes that the most important are those focused on cost and to the individual measures related to abilities and personal performance stand out.


project management, competencies, project manager
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