Product: Management & Develop­ment
Product: Management & Develop­ment
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Systematic literature review on product-system services using bibliometric analysis: main journals, articles, authors and keywords

Fernanda Hänsch Beuren, Paulo Augusto Cauchick Miguel

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Companies from different industrial sectors have started offering solutions that add services to products aiming to enhance their market position. In this sense, the purpose of this paper is to carry out a systematic literature review on product-system services (PSS) by using the bibliometric analysis. PSS is being considered as a competitive opportunity for companies; it seeks to reduce the consumption of products through its use and provision of services. Deliverables from this literature research are main publications and journals, an author citation analysis, and a preliminary taxonomy to construct a theoretical map. Through this systematic literature review, a number of publications on PSS were identified in the period from 2006 to 2011. The amount of articles and the related terminology have evolved over the years with publications in different academic journals. Business models such as PSS have faced problems related to terminology and there is certain lack of consensus among academics and practitioners. This would facilitate the knowledge exchange among stakeholders as well as readers’ understanding. Although there are business models on PSS, they usually emphasize the economic aspect; therefore, environmental and social aspects should be considered in future studies.


product-service system, PSS, service offering.
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