Product: Management and Development
Product: Management and Development
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A preliminary analysis of product-service system (PSS) types and implementation

Eduardo de Senzi Zancul, Paula Lubanco de Almeida Nobre, Anderson de Carvalho Nakanishi, Britta Pergande, Leandro Loss, Lucas Cley da Horta, Fernanda Hänsch Beuren, Paulo Augusto Cauchick Miguel

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Companies have started offering solutions to increase their market position as well as their customers’ satisfaction. One of the solutions is the inclusion of services to products, called Product-Service System (PSS). It is an integrated combination of products and services. In this sense, this paper aims at presenting a typology for PSS and an implementation approach. The proposed typology outlines different possible combinations of products with the corresponding services in order to achieve a PSS. The implementation approach defines the necessary steps for implementation and the details of which actions have to be performed in order to create and improve a PSS. Those two results should support companies when establishing a PSS including its expected benefits of that business model.


product-service systems, PSS, service offering
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