Product: Management and Development
Product: Management and Development
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Applying technology roadmapping (TRM) for strategic product planning of start-up high-tech companies

Maicon Gouvea de Oliveira, Daniel Capaldo Amaral, Henrique Rozenfeld, Wagner Fonzi

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The benefits of technology roadmapping (TRM) are acknowledged by today’s companies, especially in the high-tech industry. Nevertheless, it is still not clear whether this method can assist entrepreneurs in the strategic product planning. This paper explores this issue by a case study in a Brazilian start-up high-tech company, which have business in medical/hospital equipment industry. The technology roadmapping was implemented in the company following the roadmapping process proposed by T-Plan. This study noted an improvement of the strategic product planning by the technology roadmapping application. Hence it was capable of helping entrepreneurs to consider the integration of market, product and technology parameters.


technology roadmapping, strategic product planning, start-ups, high-tech companies
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