Product: Management & Develop­ment
Product: Management & Develop­ment
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Involvement of ingredients suppliers in new products development in the soft drinks industry

Márcia Mitiko Onoyama, Maria Rita Pontes Assumpção, José Carlos de Toledo, Vivian Karina Bianchini, Bruno Pompeu Corrêa da Costa

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The ability to introduce new products on the market is considered an important factor of competitiveness. The increasing importance of this ability derives from the need for new products to be offered with greater frequency to meet consumer expectations. This is the reality of the food industry, which must offer an ever greater product diversity to satisfy functional specifications and market segments. The purpose of this paper is to shed further light on supplier involvement in the product development process and in the improved quality of processed food and soft drinks. This involvement encourages cost reductions and shorter lead-times in the process of new product development projects by providing supplier access to food technologies and their applications. The theoretical approach of this study comprises two models: the new products development process, and supply chain management. A theoretical review serves as the basis for an analysis of supplier integration into the supply of materials and components for the industrial customer. This study was conducted at two companies operating in the nonalcoholic beverages segment (powdered refreshments). The choice fell on this segment due to its strong demand for product growth and to the diversity of new products resulting from their convenience (comfort). This survey focused on an analysis of the relationship between ingredients suppliers and beverage manufacturers in the new products development process.


new products development, ingredients suppliers, soft drinks industry, supplier involvement in product
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