Product: Management and Development
Product: Management and Development


Volume 8, Issue 1, 2010

8(1), 2010

Original Article

Platform conceptual model in QFD for generic drug Lin Chih Cheng, Leonel Del Rey de Melo Filho
Do established companies and academic spin-off companies need different capabilities for technology development process? A discussion based upon literature models available Tomoe Daniela Hamanaka Gusberti , Liane Werner, Márcia Elisa Soares Echeveste
Project management office function – small project portfolio control Lívia Sutto Arcalá, Renato de Oliveira Moraes
System concurrent engineering of a mobile TT&C ground station for an unmanned aerial vehicle Geilson Loureiro, Alison de Oliveira Moraes, Luciana Sêda Cardoso, Sergio Fugivara, Sonia Mara de Souza
Ergonomic intervention at loads storage and transfer on vessels of Amazon State Rita Carolina Dias Santana Duarte, Nelson Kuwahara
A method to obtain context based DFE criteria lists applicable to the development of friendly recycling composite aeronautic structures Aline Magalhães Guerato, Claudiano Sales de Araujo Júnior, Luís Gonzaga Trabasso
Continuous improvement of product development process: a PLM strategy tool Juliana Silva Agostinetto, Daniel Capaldo Amaral


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