Product: Management and Development
Product: Management and Development


Volume 4, Issue 1, 2006

4(1), 2006

Original Article

Product Strategic Development (PSD): Preliminary Overview Luis Gustavo Scrassolo Martini, Luís Gonzaga Trabasso Original Article
Analysis of integrated product development Márcio Minto Fabricio, Silvio Burrattino Melhado Original Article
A survey on current practices of product development management and needs of the transformation industry in the state of Paraná Eloise Wacholski Rodrigues, Milton Borsato Original Article
Understanding the Innovation Pattern of Medium and Large Size Brazilian Pharmaceutical Companies Istefani Carísio de Paula, Ângela de Moura Ferreira Danilevicz, José Luis Duarte Ribeiro Original Article
The Potential of New Product Development in the Automotive Industry in Brazil: An Exploratory Study Paulo A. Cauchick Miguel Original Article
The Role of the Technological Innovation in the Development of New Products: A Study in the Food Industries José Flávio Diniz Nantes, Andréia de Abreu, Adriano dos Reis Lucente Original Article


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