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Product: Management and Development
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Design for Excellence (DfX) in vehicle armoring operations: improvements and speed up a systematic literature review

Guido Muzio Candido, Paulo Carlos Kaminski, Mateus Alves Medeiros, Ana Gabriela Lemes de Araújo

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Several references in the literature help manufacturing companies improve quality, production performance, and waste reductions in shop floor processes. Different Systematic Literature Reviews (SLR) help researchers refine their reference results to apply them to manufacturing activities. Thus, to improve and speed up the research of the state-of-the-art references from the engineering and scientific platforms on a given topic, this article presented an improvement of the systematic review named iSLR. It consists of a detailed analysis of bibliographic results first searched in predefined publishers and next in databases using the Automatic Bibliography Researcher (ABRe) program to generate valuable references in an organized list. This procedure ensures the addition of relevant references not in the database results. A case study using iSLR was applied to search and select the DfX (Design for Excellence) references related to Civilian Armored Vehicle (CAV) operations in Brazil to help these automotive aftermarket firms to guidelines and enhance their armoring operations. Additionally, to validate the consistency of iSLR and the case outcomes analysis, the authors performed VOSviewer®, a bibliography network map software. The iSLR can be replicated for research on other topics where the Scopus platform databases and other scientific bases are used, adjusting the ABRe program.


systematic literature review, bibliography network, design for excellence, automotive manufacturing process, civilian armored vehicles.


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