Product: Management and Development
Product: Management and Development
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Modeling and reliability analysis of aircraft components and systems: a case study

Rafael Kayque dos Santos, Jonatas Ribeiro Mangabeiro, Viviane Vasconcellos Ferreira Grubisic

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In order to ensure the safety and high performance of an aircraft in flight, it is necessary to attest the operation of its multiple integrated subsystems. In this segment, the aircraft have several redundancies that allow their subsystems to continue operating, even with the failure of some of their components. Therefore, it is of great engineering interest to make sure a high level of reliability associated with the functioning of each of these subsystems. In this article, a reliability study of a complex system was approached, formed by the integration of the sets of engines and controls of a four-engine aircraft. To this end, through the implementation of mathematical and computational algorithms, the steps obtained involved calculating the reliability of an aircraft component, calculating the global the reliability of the global system under consideration, identifying the most critical components, studying the modes and effects of failure using the FMEA, and studying the root causes, carried out through of the FTA.


reliability, criticality, failure analysis, complex system, four-engine aircraft.


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