Product: Management and Development
Product: Management and Development
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Electronic parts selection during the product development process in Brazilian companies

Rafael Perez Pagan, Carlos Eduardo Sanches da Silva, Lucas Catalani Gabriel, Eduardo Gomes Salgado

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Electronic products are composed of a dependent and interconnected set of parts that carry out the product´s internal functions. Consequently, parts selection is crucial for developers. Companies must keep abreast of the new technologies launches during that activity. However, the lack of parts manufacturers in Brazil can prevent access to these launches. The aim of this study is to analyze criteria used by Brazilian companies during the selection of electronic parts in the Product Development Process (PDP), identifying characteristics that influence the selection of components and the major motivators for changes in a product’s bill of materials after its launch. A descriptive survey was used for this purpose. The system and the data collection instrument proposed were validated through pilot testing and applied to a random sample of 75 Brazilian companies that develop electronic products. The results show the importance of selection criteria that consider the product environment, attributing parts qualification activities to the manufacturers and distributors. The criteria are even more important when considering parts with higher added value because of the risk of redesign involved in the process. Moreover, the study shows that the greatest motivator for changes in the bill of materials is in part obsolescence.


parts selection, life cycle environmental profile, component qualification, product development process


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