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Product: Management and Development
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Innovation habitats from University of Brasilia - case study of Macofren - Chemical Technologies startup

Grace Ferreira Ghesti, Adriana Regina Martin, Sanderson César Macêdo Barbalho

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The University of Brasilia, UnB, was founded on April 21, 1962, at Brasilia City on Midwest region of Brazil with the promise of reinventing higher education, interweaving the various forms of knowledge and training professionals engaged in the transformation of the country. In the Chemical Institute of UnB, it was developed an alternative methods for simple and cheaper technology to determine methanol and formaldehyde content in fuels and some other products. In this case will be presented an example of innovative technology developed at UnB and licensed for post graduate entrepreneurs students of UnB which created the Startup Macrofren – Chemical Technology that was incubated at business incubator of UnB. The startup also was supported by government funding. So, this case shows the existing innovation ecosystem in Brasilia city


innovation habitats, technology development, research and development, entrepreneurship, academic spin-offs.


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