Product: Management and Development
Product: Management and Development
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An approach for the generation of target product specifications in the development of home appliances

Marcel Morosini, Milton Borsato

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Product designers need to conduct product development projects based on detailed and complete technical specs that mirror consumer requirements. Target product specifications poorly met or assumed incorrectly may potentially cause serious problems for companies such as excessive cost, low quality and long time-to-market. The main objective of the present work was to propose and validate an integrated solution (method and tool) for facilitating the generation of target specifications applicable to home appliance products. The proposed method is able to automatically generate target specifications for each sub-system of the product starting with customer needs as identified by Marketing teams. Information obtained in a systematic and assertive manner can then be used in the Conceptual Design stage of the product development process, when design solutions are generated. Results were validated through a comparative study of three products designed and manufactured by a large transnational home appliance manufacturer enterprise located in Brazil. Target specifications resulting from the application of the proposed tool were compared to actual characteristics of the products studied.


home appliance; target specifications; product development.


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