Product: Management and Development
Product: Management and Development
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Product Innovation, Strategy and Exporting Performance: a Study in a Candy Confectionary Company

Marco Antonio Leandro Cabral, Hélio Roberto Hékis, Lara Cavalcante Freitas da Silva, Lawrence Cézar Medeiros Araujo de Moura, Maíra Luciano Sidrim

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The Brazilian companies have crossed geographic borders, commercially and also culturally in search of longevity for their products and services. This study aimed to evaluate the impact of the strategic factors and the product innovation on the exporting performance in a candy confectionary company. In this regard, it has been analyzed the internationalization strategies used by the company, through quantitative and qualitative methods by application of a survey and interviews which, together, enabled to compare the importance and the performance of various attributes considered decisive to the exporting performance. Among the achieved results, this work showed there is a gap between the degrees of performance versus the degrees of importance of the studied attributes. This means that, by top management perspective, the company is below market expectation. It evidences the necessity for reevaluation the strategic planning, in order to strength other important dimensions explored, aiming to achieve success in the international market. This study confirmed the existence of a strong relationship between innovation product, strategy and exporting performance.


strategy, exporting performance, innovation product, internationalization.


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