Product: Management and Development
Product: Management and Development
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Analyzing the impact of the functions of Project Management Offices on triple constraints performance of new product projects

Sanderson César Macêdo Barbalho, Vaniele Guimarães de Carvalho, Gladston Luiz da Silva, José Carlos de Toledo

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Aiming to understand the relationships between the functions of project management offices (PMO) and the performance of new product development projects, this paper presents correlations between the effort in performing PMO functions and the results of performance indicators on a sample of 35 companies that develop new products and have PMOs in their organizational structure to support it. It was analysed these functions from the point of view of performance indicators related to project´s triple constraints. The data was analysed using Spearman correlation. In general, it was observed that PMOs are not focused on activities as providing project success on time, cost or scope. Schedule performance is correlated to functions of reporting project status to senior managers. Cost performance is correlated to benefit management. No function presented any correlation with preventing scope changes. These results point that the presence of PMO on the companies’ structure does not guarantee the success on project´s triple constraints maybe because it is focused on organizational project management and not in performing project management as well.


Project Management Offices, new products development, project performance, triple constraint, PMO functions.
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