Product: Management and Development
Product: Management and Development
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Human factors in Service Design: valuation of consumption’s experience aspects in supermarkets by the elderly population

Marcelo Pereira Demilis, Alexandre Amorim dos Reis

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The elderly and their longevity in several countries is increasing, and changes of this public and its potential as a consumer are observed. Therefore, there is a lag in the elderly purchasing behavior studies, as well as appropriate services for these users and appropriated methodologies for services development to guarantee the user’s satisfaction. In order to contribute to the development of methods for the Service Design, it was questioned which is the given value by elderly users to the proposed aspects in this study (physical, aesthetic, sensory, emotional, motivational, social and engagement) that compose the use experience of a supermarket service. Moreover, if it is possible to appropriately quantify or qualify them for the best description of the experience. From these seven aspects, it has been shown, through interviews with 150 elderly supermarket users, it is possible to value these aspects statistically, assigning them values and correlating them with the aid of Exploratory Factorial Analysis (EFA). It was obtained the cluster of three factors: Tangible, Psychic and Relational; and proposed along this combination of factors, the basis for the creation and application of tools to assist in the designing and improvement of supermarkets’ services that consider the perspective of the elderly people.


methods, human factor, use experience (consumption), elder, supermarket
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