Product: Management and Development
Product: Management and Development
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Methodology for the technical and managerial risk identification and analysis in the product design process

Viviane Vasconcellos Ferreira Grubisic, André Ogliar

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Because of product design projects are unique, they are subject to risks that if not properly managed can compromise the business. Typical risks in product design are: poor problem definition, changes in consumer needs, lack of knowledge for the activity implementation, delays in deliveries. Risk management consists of a process of identification, analysis, treatment, monitoring and control of risks. In the literature it was found that there are certain gaps in relation to the risk analysis and treatment processes. The risk analysis researches found only analyze the risk probability and their impact, without making a more complete risk analysis. The risk treatment researches found only recommend general actions to treat the risks without considering the phases and product design activities and the effect of a risk treatment action for the treatment of other risks. In this sense, this paper aims to present a methodology for the analysis and treatment of technical and managerial risks in the product design. For this, it is first made a brief review of the product development process and risk management. Then, activities and tools for the analysis and treatment process of technical and managerial risks in product design are presented. Finally, there are the conclusions.


risks, analysis, treatment, product design
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