Product: Management and Development
Product: Management and Development
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Market information management in product design

Silvia Guimarães Costa, Fabiane Wolff

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Facing a competitive environment, organizations have sought new strategies in their businesses, with emphasis on product development, in which design plays an important role. To handle this scenario, the organization needs to be responsive to consumer needs, new opportunities, environmental factors and competition. Such information is collected through market research to be later disseminated among all sectors of the organization and used to improvement or creation of new products. The aim of this study was to understand how the information collected on the market is managed in product development. In order to do so, a qualitative research in two large and medium sized organizations in Rio Grande do Sul was carried out. Through the observation of the product development process that begins with the market research and results in the final product, we identified how the search for market information is conducted as well as the role of the designer in the organizations which were studied regarding the three dimensions of the Design Management. In this research questions were also raised questions about the involvement and communication among the sectors responsible for market research and product design and the way the information processing stages are conducted in the organizations.


design management, market research in product design, information processing.
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