Product: Management and Development
Product: Management and Development
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Diagnosis and proposals for tables adapted to wheelchair users: a case study on usability in a childhood and teenage care institution

Juliana Maria Moreira Soares, Andréa Regina Martins Fontes, Cleyton Fernandes Ferrarini, Miguel Ángel Aires Borrás

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This article aims to evaluate a table design adaptable for wheelchair users. This type of furniture is needed in educational spaces, rehabilitation institutes and even in homes, to perform various tasks. We used the case study approach, in which the assessed usage scenarios were located in an institution that offers treatment for children and adolescents with multiple kinds of disabilities, located in a medium-sized Brazilian city. A number of constraints for users and professionals were found, especially in regard to the adjustment of moving parts, appearance and the structure general instability. The assays resulted in alternative suggestions to improve the product, given the diversity of purposes by their users. Also, the need for the product’s users participation (and other role players also present on this interaction) in the development process was evidenced.


adapted furniture, assistive technology, usability, ergonomics, product development.
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