Product: Management and Development
Product: Management and Development
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A full example of technical procedure to application of the Kansei Engineering

Lucelindo Dias Ferreira Junior, Daniel Capaldo Amaral

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Kansei Engineering is a method used to obtain customers impressions and generate final design solutions. There are real cases procedures and applications published that are superficially explained in most papers. The method is criticized for its limitation in generating innovative solutions. This paper presents a technical and operational procedure of Kansei engineering, which focuses in the creation of product concepts in order to support the project team in the search of innovative solutions rather than focus on obtaining a final solution. The procedure uses a combination of the quantification theory type I, triangular fuzzy numbers ranking, and genetic algorithms methods, to generate a population of solutions which serve as guidance about customers impressions to the project team, engineers or designers. The paper details the technical procedure, using a simple example, a design of a coffee mug, so that it can be easily reproduced and tested by other researchers and professionals.


customer-oriented design, Kansei engineering, product design, triangular fuzzy number, quantification theory type I, genetic algorithm.
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