Product: Management and Development
Product: Management and Development
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A hybrid approach for measuring of the consumer preferences

José Nilton Martini, Fernando Antônio Forcellini

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The knowledge of the consumers preferences is indispensable so that one may successfully define the configurations of new products. Therefore, before defining the attributes of new products, consumers must be consulted and their preferences measured. Among the alternatives for measuring of the consumers preferences there are the hybrid approaches that combine compositive and de-compositive portions of measurement. In this paper is presented a hybrid approach of measurement, formulated, initially, to bypass difficulties found in adopting traditional hybrid procedures. With the proposed approach, there is no need of supporting equipment or ordination of configurations by consumers during measurement, typical of the approaches frequently employed. The proposed measurement approach is presented through an example of measurement of the preferences of the potential consumers of electric portable devices. The attributes of the products and their levels are chosen to describe the products of the chosen market segment, as well the configurations for comparison. The construction of the measurement form of consumer preferences is shown throughout the article. One also presents the survey and treatment of the information of preferences, as well as the partial uses of the attributes from measurement. The measurement approach proposed in this paper has shown itself applicable and its employment results in an information base containing consumer preferences very useful to the definition of the configurations of new products. In this paper, as an illustration, the consumer preferences information are employed in the definition of ‘ideal’ configurations of electric mini-ovens for the preferences of a consumer that represents the average of the individuals surveyed.


consumer preferences, hybrid approach for measurement, attributes, configurations
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