Product: Management and Development
Product: Management and Development
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Towards a contribution to modularity concepts and principal domains

Leonardo de Aguiar Corrêa, Flávio Issao Kubota, Paulo Augusto Cauchick Miguel

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Modularity concept emerged in the 1960’s within the computer industrial sector, bringing considerable competitive advantages and benefits. Since this period, modular approach has been applied in many industrial sectors, such as automotive, electronics, furniture and others. In this sense, this study examined papers regarding modularity and their applications in the industrial and organizational perspectives, towards a concept better understanding and context where it is applied. A theoretical-conceptual paper was carried out through a hypothetical-deductive method to analyze the publications. Results show similarities and discrepancies among modularity concept variations. In addition, it was perceived that automotive industry has been sorely using modularity in design, production and use. Lastly, benefits, difficulties and recommendations were identified in the modular approach adoption. Thus, it can be concluded that a difficult still remains in defining a unique and broad modularity concept, due to variants according to the modularity approach (design, production, organizational, etc.) utilized. Future studies should search for a better understanding about variations of modularity concept, trying to find what characteristics are predominant throughout all concept variants.


modularity, modularity in design, modularity in production, modularity in use, organizational modularity.
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