Product: Management and Development
Product: Management and Development
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Open innovation practices in the development of wind energy supply chain: an exploratory analysis of the literature

Mario Orestes Aguirre González, Marcela Squires Galvão, Samira Yusef Araújo de Falani, Joeberson dos Santos Gonçalves, Lorena Tâmara Sena da Silva

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The open innovation approach and its practice in technological innovation projects have been revealed in the literature and observed in practice companies as an old phenomenon. What differentiates its current use is that today its practice occurs in a systematic and formalized form in companies. This paper carried out a bibliographic?exploratory research about the wind power supply chain and it analyzes how technological innovations made their development possible. The study focuses specifically on exploring within the technological innovations occurred in the chain wind power, as the innovative approach followed by developers organizations. Results indicate that open innovation practices were essential for the success of economic and technological feasibility for the development of such chain, primarily by what happened partnership between the manufacturers of major components (aero generators, towers, blades) wind energy, research institutes, laboratories, universities and federal governments through incentive policies.


technological development, wind energy supply chain, open innovation.
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