Product: Management and Development
Product: Management and Development
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Communication management in virtual projects

Alexandre Cestari de Brito, Cristiano Vasconcellos Ferreira, Renelson Ribeiro Sampaio

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In nowadays market, highlighted by global products, companies are pushed to sell vehicles that comply with legal and customer requirements in different countries, and, not unusually, different continents. In order to achieve such challenge, and pressed to reduce project and production costs, companies are spreading design centers around the world, based on regional expertise and lower labor costs. These excellence centers must work together to benefit from synergies and local skills. Such works are defined as Virtual Projects (VP), when members barely don´t face each other. This means that teams will work, frequently with people they have never met and who live on different clock time. As a consequence, communication is done basically computer based, and must be even clearer and more direct than with the people who work on the next desk. The Communication and Information Technology Revolution occurred in the last 20 years allowed teams allocated in different countries and continents to work in parallel and benefit from local advantages. Although the technological advances, people are usually not prepared to work in such way, as well as project are not adequately structured to be developed in virtual environment. Problems of communication are observed in virtual teams, mainly based on cultural differences and lack of communication management. The present articles objects to present how Brazil-based engineering is working with virtual teams, difficulties faced and communication is being managed.


communication management, virtual projects.
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