Product: Management and Development
Product: Management and Development
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Application of the design of experiments for product knowledge attainment: the case of nourishing ovens for roasting of chickens

Carlos Eduardo Sanches da Silva, Anderson Paulo de Paiva, Lucas Barbosa Alves, Cristiana Rennó D’Oliveira Andrade

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This work presents the Design of Experiments (DOE) application in the enhancement of a nourishing oven produced by a medium size company. The objective is to evidence the relevance of DOE in the generation of knowledge on the product, testing common senses resultant of pragmatism and experiences without statistical severity. The obtained results had allowed to improve the performance of the oven in the cookery of chickens, as well as reduced significantly the customers claims, since the performance of the optimized product had an improvement of the loss of weight from 45 to 33%, the firing time reduced from 50 to 44 minutes and the appearance of the ready chicken was classified with note 4. The efforts of the product development process (PDP) had been directed for the optimization of the performance of the fan. It is evident that the difficulties of applying DOE in medium size companies due to the unfamiliarity of the technique, however, it is rewarding to perceive the changes of the presuppositions existing through the generation of new knowledge concerning the product and its posterior incorporation in the PDP.


DOE, products development, DFSS
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