Product: Management and Development
Product: Management and Development
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Influencing factors in agricultural machinery design

Vinicius Kaster Marini, Leonardo Nabaes Romano

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The competitive demands of the agricultural sector create a push for increasing complexity regarding customer needs for agricultural machinery. Therefore, systematic and structured approaches become essential to supporting the development of innovative and effective products. This paper aims to lay out an information framework towards the understanding of influencing factors within the design specification. The methodology for this paper comprises: i) review of contributions on engineering design knowledge and agricultural machinery design; ii) development of the framework supported by a structured representation structure; and iii) use of implementation examples in displaying the technique. The following conclusions were attained: the influencing factors comprise relevant characteristics of product lifecycle environments after the production stage; the information model for the influencing factors is built on classes and attributes which allows selective deployment after project needs; and, the influencing factors constitute relevant information on the environments the machine is to be designed for, therefore playing a significant role in the definition of the design specification.


influencing factors, machinery design, design specification
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