Product: Management and Development
Product: Management and Development
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Proposal of the BPM method for improving NPD processes

Janaina Mascarenhas Hornos da Costa, Henrique Rozenfeld

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Software development process (SDP) systematization in a NPD process, i.e. the definition of a standard process for software and new product development, is acknowledged as a key factor for the competitive development of technological SMEs, since most of the high tech products consist of software as one of their key elements. The standard process ensures repeatability and quality of project development. The process of SDP systematization is a change project that improves the NPD process. The definition of a development project based on a standard process establishes a working model, as well as supporting tools for the SDP. A change project like this must also be incorporated into the broader context of the company’s change management, because it may affect different areas of the company. This work proposes a change management method and describes a practical experience in defining and institutionalizing an on-demand NPD process in a small enterprise that is integrated in a collaborative network of high tech SMEs. The focus of this implementation is on software development. The proposed method synthesizes the best practices of the following change management methods: SSM (soft systems methodology); IDEAL (initiating, diagnosing, acting, establishing and learning) Model; DMAIC (define, measure, analyze, and control) of Six Sigma. Two change projects have been carried out and are presented: “Definition of the on-demand NPD process” and “Implementation of the Sale Phase”. This paper shows the results of these projects and reports on how the collaborators are dealing with the changes.


change management, NPD process, project management.
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