Product: Management and Development
Product: Management and Development
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The consumer and enterprise facing the ecoproduct – a brief comparative study

Cristina Luz Cardoso, Leila Amaral Gontijo

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The aim of this article is to explore and expand on knowledge concerning the point of view of the consumer and the Brazilian entrepreneur regarding the ecoproduct. To this end, it presents some research done in Brazil between entrepreneurs and consumers, regarding the perception of environmental issues and in which ways this perception is related to the production and the consumption of ecoproducts. It can be concluded that the Brazilian consumer, even being informed about environmental issues, still resists a change in habits when purchasing and does not want to pay more for a product that has ecological attributes. Regarding the perception of the Brazilian entrepreneur, the results suggest that changing the productive processes aiming to minimize actions which have an impact on the environment is only considered due to the possibility of reducing expenses, having more competition in the internal and external market or regarding new legislations on environment protection.


ecoproduct, environmental attributes, green consumer, environment labeling
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