Product: Management and Development
Product: Management and Development
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A metric system for feature and cost control during product development

Márcia Elisa Echeveste, José Luis Duarte Ribeiro, Michel Jose Anzanello

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The use of metrics to control the product development process (PDP) in real time poses a challenge for product development research. To date, control has been limited to the final phase of the project and the literature lacks reliable tools to analyze this process. Considering that manufacturing processes are based on standardization, this paper describes a new system for exerting control during the PDP. The proposed system uses metrics to detect deviations from planned and executed activities, allowing for the implementation of corrections during the development process. The metrics identify whether the deviations lie within acceptable limits, allowing the process to advance to the subsequent production phases. The main purpose is to launch a product that mirrors the features created during the development phase. To illustrate the proposed system, this paper presents an application for controlling the development process of a toy.


product development, quality, metrics, toy industry
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