Product: Management and Development
Product: Management and Development
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A Guide for QFD Implementation in Product Development

Lin Chih Cheng

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The method of Quality Function Deployment (QFD) has achieved a state where is wellknown in the academic literature of product development management and has been widely applied in many countries. This paper aims to further contribute to QFD applications in product development system of organisations around the world, by drawing reflections from results of an action research program on QFD applications in Brazilian organisations in the last ten years. A guide is formulated for application of QFD method in implementation processes, with a potential for context diagnosis, circumscription of problem situation, and operational features. The guide deals with two distinct levels of reasoning: 1 – level of Product Development System (PDS) in which QFD is placed; and 2 – QFD application level in which QFD basic elements operate. It is believed that the accumulation of knowledge of QFD comes in three interrelated forms: 1 – refinement of its methodological basis; 2 – refinement of operating guides, procedures and rules; and 3 – construction of models of reference applications. This paper aims at the second form.


Quality Function Deployment, QFD, Product Development, Guide for Implementation,
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