Product: Management & Develop­ment
Product: Management & Develop­ment
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Selection of a new product development model for technology-based electronic companies

Eduardo Gomes Salgado, Valério Antonio Pamplona Salomon, Carlos Henrique Pereira Mello, Flávia Duque Marassi Fass, Carlos Eduardo Sanches da Silva

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The main purpose of the present article is to select a reference model for a new product development process, which must be the most appropriate for technology-based electronic companies. The object of the study is the local productive settling of Santa Rita do Sapucai, State of Minas Gerais, Brazil. In recent literature research, a trend in performing studies that focus on specific models applied to singular sectors in industry fields has been identified. The research approach is based on a mathematical modeling. Analytic Hierarchy Process is applied in order to identify the most suitable model to technology-based electronic companies.


AHP, new product development, technology-based company
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